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Yes, toilets are functional, but there are still choices to be made when you’re planning your bath remodel or new construction.Photo of a toilet

Consider the size of your space when you’re looking at toilet options. Elongated toilet bowls measure 31 inches from the wall, while round bowls are 28 inches from the wall or less. Your “rough-in” area (the distance from the wall to the center of the sewer drain) may already exist in a remodel, so know that measurement when you’re exploring toilet choices. Standard rough-in size is 12 inches. Toilets can also vary in height, and you can take that into consideration as well. Taller toilets can also be more accessible to users with limited mobility, when you’re creating a bathroom using universal design principles. This is important if bathroom users are older or less able to stand up and sit down easily.

Toilets are typically two-piece or one-piece, with the two-piece version being more affordable. Wall-mounted toilets are becoming more popular lately, but they are usually pricier.

A toilet’s “flushability” is another important consideration. New toilets use much less water to flush, and they work well, too. There are several different kinds of toilets available that conserve water and may reduce your water bills.


Bidets are fixtures that are used for personal hygiene. They look much like toilets and have been popular in Europe for years.



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