Making it Happen

Once you’ve set a budget and decided what you’d like in your kitchen and bath, it’s time to work with the professionals at Allen’s Kitchen and Bath to make your dream come true. Although other companies charge thousands of dollars for initial planning, there is absolutely no charge for the Allen’s Kitchen and Bath professionals to put together detailed plans for your new construction or renovation. You only pay for the actual cost of products and your contractor’s charges for installation.

Here are the steps we recommend to make your initial plan turn into reality:

1. Consultation: Allen’s Kitchen and Bath offers free consultations for you to get started with the planning process. At this initial meeting, we will go over your planning options. We will discuss what you want accomplished and a reasonable budget to do what you want in your kitchen or bath. We’ll talk about colors, design layout, and products you could include. We use our years of experience as kitchen and bath designers to suggest ways to make the most attractive kitchen or bath possible.

2. Home visit: An Allen’s Kitchen & Bath designer will come to your home to get a sense of the layout and style of your home. It’s important to see how your kitchen or bath project fits with the rest of your home. From this home visit, we will give you suggestions of products that will go well with your décor.

At your home, we’ll measure your kitchen or bath area to get the exact dimensions.

3. Schematic: Once we have visited your home and taken the measurements, we’ll design your new project. We put together a schematic diagram of the design. This will enable you to see how the colors and styles of the various appliances, cabinetry, tiles, fixtures, flooring, faucets, lighting, and other aspects of your kitchen or bath work together. This drawing can also be used by the contractors who do the construction and improvements in your home.

4. Kitchen Appliances: Allen’s Kitchen & Bath has a preferred relationship with Cocoplum Appliances. They carry all the major brands of appliances, from the most affordable through the highest-end products. When Allen’s Kitchen & Bath refers you to Cocoplum to purchase your appliances, you get better prices and bigger savings. Plus, Cocoplum has a great reputation for service.With locations in Essex, Vermont, Brattleboro, Vermont, and Keene, New Hampshire, Cocoplum Appliances is convenient for shopping across the region. Appliances from Cocoplum are featured in the Allen’s Kitchen & Bath showroom in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, as well as in the Kitchen & Bath Showcases upstairs in Allen Lumber in Barre and Montpelier, Vermont.

5. Time Plan: We’ll work with you and your contractors to put together a realistic timeframe to install your new kitchen or bath project. With careful planning, you’ll know what to expect during the construction phase.

6. Green Light: Once the plan is finalized, we’ll give the green light to start the project! We’ll order the products, your contractor can begin, and you’re on your way to the kitchen or bath of your dreams.