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The choice of flooring for your new or remodeled bath is very important, since the damp conditions in a bathroom place a lot of stress on the floor. The main categories of flooring materials include: ceramic tile, wood, laminate, vinyl, bamboo, linoleum, and cork.

Ceramic TileFloor photo

Ceramic tile is the flooring material most often used in the bath, for many reasons – its durability, water-resistance, beauty, and ease of cleanup. Ceramic tile can be cold underfoot, so Michael Bailey of Allen’s Kitchen & Bath recommends adding under-floor radiant heat to solve that problem, especially here in the North Country. A textured surface on tile keeps them from being too slippery when wet. Other tiles like marble, granite, porcelain, and glass can also be used as bath flooring materials, but are more expensive than ceramic tile.


Wood is a lovely choice for bath flooring, but is needs to be sealed with a polyurethane finish so it can withstand the dampness. Be careful to keep wet towels and standing water off your hardwood bathroom floor, and ask your contractor to insulate the toilet against the wood floor at installation.


Flooring displayLaminate floors can mimic the look of wood, but they are more affordable and require less maintenance than wood. Laminate is factory-finished and can be installed over an existing floor. While laminate has its advantages, it sometimes doesn’t seem as “warm” as natural wood and it can be noisier than wood floors.





Vinyl sheeting is a good choice for bath flooring on a budget. Vinyl is easy to install and is available in many shades, designs, and patterns. Vinyl flooring edges can curl over time, requiring new flooring. Darryl Williams of Allen’s Kitchen & Bath recommends that peel-and-stick vinyl tiles should not be used for a bathroom floor, since water can get in between the tiles and ruin the sub-floor.

BambooFlooring display

Bamboo gives the look of wood, but since is made from bamboo, which is a rapidly-renewable resource, it is a great choice if you are interested in building “green.” In addition, the finish on bamboo can be formaldehyde-free.


Cork flooring is another harvested resource that is one of today’s “green” environmentally-friendly flooring choices. Cork is available in sheets and tile, and must be properly sealed so it can be vacuumed and mopped. Cork is warm underfoot and quiet, which is very desirable in a bath, which ordinarily has many hard surfaces and can be noisy. Deep scratches in cork are difficult to repair.



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